When Santa Claus visits on Christmas Night, a husband gets more than he bargained for…

‘Merry Christmas’ is the directorial debut of screenwriter & director Jennifer Chislett and the premier film production from One In Ten Productions UK LLP.

We are transported to a family home on Christmas Eve, where all is set for a magical Christmas Day. Awoken by movement downstairs, the young Seth ventures out of his room to investigate. Arriving downstairs he bumps in to none other than Santa Claus himself! St Nick sends the boy back to bed. Upon reaching the landing, Barry has now woken and confronts his son about why he’s up.

“Santa’s downstairs, daddy.” says Seth. Barry quickly ushers his son to bed and goes to investigate himself. He is shocked to find his wife in a passionate embrace with Santa Claus. Claire protests that it’s not what he thinks, but before she can explain Barry lunges for the jolly old guy sending him flying. Barry and Santa fight until in a scuffle Barry (to his surprise) removes Santa’s beard to reveal Santa’s real identity.

“Merry Christmas”

Merry Christmas Short Film - Leoni Kibbey
Merry Christmas Short Film - Heather Darcy
Merry Christmas Short Film